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Load Cell
load cells are designed to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements. Certifications have been obtained from Weights & Measures Authorities, worldwide. They offer total stainless steel construction and complete hermetic sealing, making them suitable for use in the toughest industrial environments.
This load cell design, in combination with a low cost self aligning rocker assembly, unites excellent load introduction with a low profile outline.
Features of Load Cell
  • Capacities:7,5t to 300t.
  • High accuracy.
  • Total stainless steel construction.
  • Complete hermetic sealing.
  • Protection IP 68.
  • High input resistance: 1100 .
  • W&M certified for 4000 intervals. (PTB: D09-99.09 Rev. 2)
  • Calibration in mV/V/..
  • Easy cable replacement.
  • Complete range of loading hardware available.